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Disappearing interfaces

Thu Jan 12, 2012 12:19 am

Hello. I have at home RB433 and for some time there is a problem with the disappearing radio interfaces and bridges (AP-Floor and AP-Ground Floor). I have two cards in B / G, the change in the same B and G do not give (change firmware also gives you nothing, firmware 2.18). Decays are in different time intervals when the interface disappears can be reached at RB without any problem. Pukke which deal with this by restarting, but I wanted to add to the scheduler rule that restarts when RB does not find one of the interfaces, unfortunately, am too stupid :lol: . Skrobnął someone something like that? I think that the problem is someone known and knows the solution. Buy a new RB, but unfortunately at the moment lack of funds. I greet and thank you for your interest.

Invent such a thing at the moment:
if ([/ interface find name = "AP-Floor"]) for = {} else {/ system reboot}

PS. Sorry for my english...

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