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[SOLVED] Enable QoS Based on the presence of RTP traffic

Sun Jun 17, 2012 7:58 pm


I am interested in a script that detects and keeps track of (in real time) RTP traffic is passing through the WAN interface. If so, issue the command to enable a queue, when RTP traffic ceases to pass (I.E, voice of video call has ended) then disable the QoS script.

Is this doable? Any guidelines?


My internet connection is not the greatest and it’s only guaranteed 50% of it’s advertised throughput. That means that at worst, if the network is congested I would get around 50% of the bandwidth.

Since I live abroad, VoIP traffic is very important for me. However, I don’t make calls too often. Therefore, I was looking for a way to automatically have a QoS script be enabled whenever I have a VoIP call in place but I don't want to throttle my bandwidth if I am not in a VoIP call.

So, how did I resolve this issue?

Well, I did the following:

1) Usually VoIP media traffic uses UDP RTP ports (in asterisk it defaults to 10000 to 20000 UDP ports).
2) I created a mangle rule on the forward chain that has source ip and destination list (I created a destination list of my VoIP servers where I send and receive traffic from) in my case the mangle rule number is #2 (you’ll see it in the script).
3) Mangle rules count how many bytes have gone through it. So therefore, I count the difference of bytes in order to know if actual RTP traffic is flowing through.
4) After traffic has been detected the script will check for changes in traffic every 2 seconds

I wrote this script which seems to work fine. It loops forever after you start it, so detection level (from what I tested) can go down to 50ms!
:local count1 [ /ip firewall mangle get 2 bytes ];
:delay 100ms;
:local count2 [ /ip firewall mangle get 2 bytes ];
:local status [ /queue simple get VoIP-Queue disabled ];

:while ( $count2 = $count1 ) do={

:set count1 [ /ip firewall mangle get 2 bytes ];
:delay 100ms;
:set count2 [ /ip firewall mangle get 2 bytes ];

:while ( $count2 != $count1 ) do={
:if ($status = true) do={
/queue simple enable VoIP-Queue;
:set status false;
:log info "Queue Activated";
:set count1 [ /ip firewall mangle get 2 bytes ];
:delay 2s;
:set count2 [ /ip firewall mangle get 2 bytes ];


:delay 2s;

:if ($status = false ) do={
/queue simple disable VoIP-Queue;
:set status true;
:log info "Queue Deactivated";


** A little cleaning up is needed but you get the idea :)

I hope that this works for you as it did for me.

If you happen to have a good QoS script, please consider sharing it with me. Thanks!
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