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How to get Latency by Interface (eth1 and ppp-3g)?

Wed Jun 20, 2012 12:38 am

Hi guys,

Im need some help over here, im creating a script that checks if one interface has connectivity or not, for this ill ping one IP (for example from google) with a specific interface (ether1 thefore ppp-3g). The problem is only /ping is capable to try pings with a specific interface, but i cant get the latency from there, i know that flood-ping is possible, but flood-ping im not able to use a specific interface.

Ive tryed somehing like that
:local broadband;
:local mobile;

:if ( [/ping address= interface=ether1-wan1 count=5]>=3 ) do={
	:set broadband $"avg-rtt"

:if ( [/ping address= interface=ppp-3g count=5]>=3 ) do={
	:set mobile $"avg-rtt"
Unfortunalety it does not work, can anyone help me out?



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Re: How to get Latency by Interface (eth1 and ppp-3g)?

Mon Jul 02, 2012 6:56 pm

I think you should set your variable using the $ before the name

:set $broadband = [value of some sort ] ;

Also, if you use an if statement it will either return true or false.

I think you should use a combination of a loop and if/else statements.

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