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Seeking ultimate backup script

Thu Apr 30, 2015 8:04 am

I have a great backup script that emails me backups every day of my CCR1036

Problem is that it doesn't seem to be generic enough to restore correctly on a duplicate device which worries me because if I have a hardware failure it will take some time to recover.

I have been testing restores today and have noticed in version 6.28 I cant get my config to import into another CCR1036 router.

my script uses /export file=xxxx.rsc
I am using /import file=xxx.rsc on a recently reset with no default config CCR1036

I get a prompt that asks for "interface" like so:

How can I log where it is getting to in my backup script and additionally if anyone knows how to fix this.
If there some way to export a more full proof config that won't cause this problem.

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