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LtAP LTE6 kit (2023)

Sun Dec 10, 2023 10:26 pm

Wow, so close to perfection! (LtAP-2HnD&FG621-EA)

So I am waiting for a device from to replace/add mobile
connectivity to my car/van/mpv over the expensive one, build in by my
car manufacturer = "Privacy not included" ... ries/cars/

I (and maybe others as well) would appreciate if the next model perhaps has
- eSIM support (dual eSIM support even better)
- keep the SIM slots
- SA/NSA support
- USB-C power option

Some of you may say, just turn AP on your phone,
but that metal roof reduces the signal when placing
my phone on the front windscreen and although
great solution for town/city, long distance
driving often has patchy coverage so external solution
from would be great and allowed us to get the
LTE/NR/GPS magnetic antennas on the roof would be just awesome.
and possibly the go to solution to replace the in-build car
manufacturers systems ;)
How can you power if from the car power source that
only has cigarette lighter or USB power?????

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