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Two Connections on the same IXP and same Subnet

Thu Dec 21, 2023 7:24 pm

Hi, I can't find the correct settings for the following situation:

I have two connections with Equinix-SP4, the government gave me the same /20 subnet for IPv4 and the same /64 subnet for IPv6, first access (functional) vlan3xx1 with IP range: for IPv4 and vlan3xx2 with range of IP: fd80:12f8::4:5/64 for IPv6, second access (in activation) vlan2xx5 with IP range: for IPv4 and vlan2xx6 with IP range: fd80:12f8::5:8 /64 for IPv6. As soon as I activate the vlans of the active link, the active bgp sessions on the first peer drop, I saw something about vrf, could someone please give an example of how the settings should be for operation? Here I tested placing the vlans of each connection in a separate vrf, and in connection in the peer session I set the vrfs, however all destinations coming from that peer stop working.
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Re: Two Connections on the same IXP and same Subnet

Sat Dec 23, 2023 2:00 pm

Try to connect switch first, then connect to 2 different port on your Router (different mac). But, because Mikrotik doesnt support BGP ECMP, it will flow upload only 1 port and download only 1 port too. Maybe same port, maybe not.

Its just my opinion, maybe that ixp only accept 1 mac for 1 ip. Just give a try..

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