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Hotspot & User Manager

Sun Feb 04, 2024 8:34 pm


New to Mikrotik and Hotspot and User Manager. Have an RB5009 working with Hotspot and User Manager, using V7.13.

I am looking for Webfig or Winbox instructions to help me understand the best practices for configuring my Profiles, Limitations, & Users. It would be nice to find a document describing the options.
I must be misunderstanding what I read in the wiki, cuz it just doesn't behave like I expect.

For instance, how to configure a user to allow 2 simultaneous uses of the login? Why if I have session timeout set to 1 minute ( for testing) doesn't the user disconnect at about 1 minute? My pings continue.

This is a "me" problem, I know the MikroTik is a good piece of hardware/software.
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Re: Hotspot & User Manager

Sun Feb 11, 2024 2:37 am

Hello there,

Referring to your scenario where's the users could login in simultaneous uses, you can set for the Shared Users to unlimited on User Manager, it will allows the users to connect with the credentials given and user profiles that attach to the credentials. I suggest you to read the manual since that was official guidance to try: User Manager - Profile


But, if you need the tutorial that shows UI/WebFig interfaces, I recommend you to follow this tutorial from official Indonesian MikroTik Seller that you can translate the page into English since its written in Bahasa.
The second, if you limit the session into 1 minute technically it will disconnect you from session to access the internet, but it's still got the dhcp ip address and that's why you can still pinging to your client even if it's reach their limitations.

Hopefully that could help your scenario, sorry if there's misunderstood with your question, anyone could correct me if it's wrong :D

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