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Two WAN Router with one LAN

Tue Feb 27, 2024 5:39 am

Dear Mikrotik Team,

Good Day

I have two CCR routers connected both to the internet via separate ISPs and have internet access.

I want that in Router-1 I have several LAN Networks prefixes with /24 subnets I just want a few subnets of this Router-1 to have internet reachability via Router-2 and also NAT and Queue policy applied on it in Router-2.

What kind of configuration do I need for such a cause and what policy rule do I have to apply in Router-1 and Router-2 that it worked?

Note: Router-1 and Router-2 are connected via OFC cable but located at a far distance from one another and can ping normally one another and Router-2 does not have any LAN traffic of its own and wants to pass Router-1 some traffic from it.

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