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L009 FastEthernet duplex issues

Mon Apr 22, 2024 6:05 am


I'm replacing some old hAP ac routers with the new L009 models. We send these out with some (even older) Fast Ethernet devices, these comprise Intel Pro 100VE NICs in an embedded machine.

I'm having trouble where auto negotiation on both sides shows no link. Ok, force both sides to 100Mb full-duplex - I get a link, but status shows that it's 100Mb half-duplex; testing throughput comes back with FCS errors and collisions - definitely a duplex issue still. Ok, if it's only allowing half-duplex I set it as such - still get the FCS errors and collisions. Lowering it to 10Mb full-duplex provides a solid link with no errors.

None of this occurs with the old hAP ac routers - auto negotiation works just fine and I get a solid 100Mb full-duplex link.

All my searching points to faulty hardware/NIC/cables - however I have 6 x L009s, 7 x (old) devices with the same Intel Pro 100VE NIC and a multitude of cables, they all share this same duplex issue as I swap things out to test.

Has anyone encountered this and know of a possible setting combination that will provide a stable 100Mb link? I would love to simply upgrade the old devices/NICs but they're embedded machines in sound consoles - replacing the consoles is an extremely expensive solution!

Steve C.

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