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ikev2/IPsec problem with android device

Sat Sep 25, 2021 5:47 pm

I configured the VPN server (Ubuntu 20.04) according to this instruction - link

Then set up my MikroTIK (hEX S) according to these instructions - link and link

All devices work without problems (iPhone, Mac, Windows), but devices for Android (phone and media set-top boxes) have some problems.
Android media console works everything except the YouTube application, the YouTube application does not start, the logo appears and that's it.

On the Android phone, the YouTube application works without problems, but the Viber application does not send media files.

If you connect an Android phone to the VPN server using the Strongswan application as specified in the instructions - link, then Viber and everything else works without problems.

From this I understand that the problem is in the incorrect settings of my hEX S? I am very much asking for help in solving this problem.

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