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IGMP proxy kills PPPoE client

Sat Sep 25, 2021 9:48 pm


I have a weird issue.
My setup is:
ISP DSL device LAN1 -> RB4011 eth1 ( as PPPoE client )
Same DSL device LAN2 -> RB4011 eth6 ( as separated vlan and dhcp client, vlan3)
RB4011 eth10 -> vlan3 + vlan23 ( my internal lan)

I've enabled igmp proxy between ether6 and my internal lan, the winbox throwed me out. I could log in again via web gui and i've noticed that the igmp proxy went crazy and received almost a gigabyte traffic in less than 5 seconds. The PPPoE client went offline too. Then i deleted all of the added config manually, so basically reverted the original, working state. But the PPPoE cant connect even after a reboot. I've restored a working configuration, this didn't helped either.....
Only way to make PPPoE client work again to do a factory reset then re-upload the backup.

This is strange, because i've used this igmp proxy few weeks ago and it worked without bugs and the config and ROS (stable latest) was the same.
Can anyone else reproduce this failure or restore without factory default?

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