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PoE compatibility between RB951Ui-2nD and cAP ac

Fri Oct 01, 2021 10:45 pm

Newbie here so please be nice :)

I currently have the being used as a wireless repeater, that extends the wifi signal from my lounge are to the bedrooms area.

I want to setup a low cost basic network and Im thinking of getting two of the cAP AC units ( and plugging them into the via ethernet for proper wifi coverage using two wifi AP's. So the configuration will be as follows
1) The will plugin to the ISP issued router, the ISP supplied router WIFI capability will be switched off
2) The becomes the 'brain' of my network, so it will be the DHCP server, it will assign specific IP's to specified MAC addresses(I think thats possible, the ISP router could do that)
3) The will also manage the two AP's via CAPsMAN (I understand this is used to manage multiple AP's at the same time, please correct me if im wrong.

My question is the following:
The has one passive POE out in the back at port 5, and the ( has two PoE ports. the "input" port is stated to be active POE via the 802.3af/at standard but the output port is stated to be passive PoE. I have read this topic (viewtopic.php?p=650471) and my understanding is that if a device comes with a PoE injector then said injector is passive. So is it indeed possible to connect a passive PoE output into an active PoE provided they are both mikrotik, is this true? and if so, can I then power both ( AP's by daisy chaining them both to the via port 5? that is connect a to the on port 5 and then connect the second to the first CAP ac via the passive PoE out ethernet port?
I'm I losing my mind?
do I need to pony up and buy the

Any help would be appreciated!

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