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Multi- sites EoIP + VLAN configuration at HQ

Mon Oct 04, 2021 3:03 pm

Hello team,

I am a network admin for one ISP. I'm trying to connect 24 remotes site to a HQ using EoIP for a client because the requirement is a layer2 connectivity.

1- My ISP link ends on Eth1 of each Mikrotik
2- i would like to use only 1 interface (Eth2) at HQ side.
3- At each remote site interface Eth2 has to be considered as well.
4- I'm using RB2011UiAS for all site.
5- Once EoIP config if finished, the client will connect a Cisco router to Eth2 of my Mikrotik at each site.

1-How to create multiple EoIP tunnels over that 1 interface (Eth2) at HQ? do i need to create VLANs on Eth2.?
2- If VLANs is needed, how to avoid inter-VLAN communication ?


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