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Multi IP to multi IP NAT

Mon Oct 04, 2021 8:56 pm

Newbie here. I'm trying to configure hEX the following way.
On one side office network on the other side shop floor network.
I would like to have office IPs from i.e. 10.40.14 network to be translated / NATed to shop floor 10.74.10.
Let's say RDP protocol only and one to one IP. The key is hiding the shop floor subnet.
I would like i.e.ether1 to be and and NAT-ed respectively to ether2 and 66 for example.
Also there is a twist but more a wish. Is it possible that hEX ether2 has 10.74.10.x IP which is not a gateway for 10.74.10 network.

Basic idea is to allow only specific TCP ports though and block everything else.

I had no idea RouterOS is so advanced / complex. Honestly all that source, destination, firewall, NAT, masquerading confuses me a lot.

I do hope I can get some help. I will try on my own but most examples I find are Internet to LAN which is not what I need.

Thx a bunch

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