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supout BIOS message

Tue Oct 05, 2021 1:03 pm

I've recently replaced a RB3011 router which kept rebooting itself at odd intervals.
After generating and downloading the supout.rif file I discovered under routerboard a message:

bad command name bios

Full details:
routerboard: yes
model: RB3011UiAS
serial-number: B88D0C6688C0
firmware-type: ipq8060
factory-firmware: 6.45.8
current-firmware: 6.45.8
upgrade-firmware: 6.45.8

bad command name bios (line 3 column 18)

auto-upgrade: no
baud-rate: 115200
boot-delay: 2s
enter-setup-on: any-key
boot-device: nand-if-fail-then-ethernet
cpu-frequency: 1400MHz
boot-protocol: bootp
enable-jumper-reset: yes
force-backup-booter: no
silent-boot: no
protected-routerboot: disabled
reformat-hold-button: 20s
reformat-hold-button-max: 10m


I am curious to know what this is and if this is related to the reboots?


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