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Connexion to CAPsMAN issue

Tue Oct 05, 2021 1:42 pm

Hi all,

I'm new to this forum and I would like to start by this topic.
I'm looking for an information about what's can be the issue in my network if someone face the same situation.

I've got a CAPsMAN in my main router ( tile type ) serving WiFi to the office throught multiple hotspots (cAP ac).
I use the classic setup I guess, creating dynamic enable in /provisionning, master to main WiFI, slave for the guest. I can post the config if it's needed.

Well about speed / randge / internet access / ect...; Everything is fine.

My problem is, after a while ( in days... ), some clients, usually the same, simply cannot connect to the WiFi by getting the error 'you are not allowed'.
At the time, I disabled the feature 'Lock to CAPsMAN'.
They were out of randge to their classic hotspot and were stuck in others rooum. That was the first main problem at the time, I thought that could be from that.

Whatever, it didn't fix it in the end for the reccurent client issue, after that I noticed, a few hotspot weren't on the same clock, for now, I do not know if it fixed it.
Also they were on different patch, but I imagine that cannot be the reason.
The easiest fix is to restart the CAPsMAN, but it isn't a very clean fixing I must say.
By reset, it do not change any certificates; so I do not think the problem is from there. At first I thought that could be client side by some update..

I've got also the same config in factories, whitout hotspot and those clients never got any trouble.

Any ideas what my mistake can be ?

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