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Limit Incoming Traffic By Limiting Outgoing Traffic

Mon Oct 11, 2021 1:40 pm

Hi there.

I'll keep this brief as my intention behind posting this is to better understand what's going on under the hood here, but I'm more than happy to promptly post my configuration if anyone would like to have a look over it to check if there's something I missed.

Over the last week or so I've been trying to learn as much as I can about traffic shaping, QoS, Queue Trees, and just general bandwidth management (my purpose is to make my latency as stable as possible on my 4G cellular connection).

I've had loads of trouble with my ping suddenly increasing for no apparent reason later in the evening when my other household members are all home, and also I assume my neighbours who might also be using 4G are home too.

I just noticed that when I try to stress test my incoming traffic, the Queue tree menu reports the "Avg. Rate" almost exactly as I want it to be. It hits the max limit I've set and doesn't go any higher. However, if I check the Mangle menu and see the "Rate" reported there, it is MUCH higher than the rate I have set as my maximum.

That got me thinking that perhaps my bandwidth is still saturated, but the router is just throwing away the difference here. As far as my latency-sensitive data is concerned though, it still has been negatively affected by the massive incoming traffic.

Basically, the solution I'm looking into for this is to limit the outgoing traffic extremely strictly so that my devices simply cannot request data fast enough for my incoming link that I have no control over is no longer saturated. Am I on the right track here? Obviously, my config needs to be looked over to say for sure, but does this make sense in principle? If so, do you have any advice for how I can effectively go about limiting the outgoing traffic in this way?

Also, will this even fix the problem? I read that a 50:1 ratio is sometimes necessary (That is, find the desired download speed and divide that by 50 for the appropriate upload speed).

Any help is appreciated!

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