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local test setup - DNS & DHCP fail

Mon Oct 11, 2021 7:02 am

Must be simple, but just getting started with MikroTik!

Initial setup problems.

I am trying to setup a local home/SOHO network using a mikroTik (RB760iGS - HEXs) router.

I currently have a home network hanging off a campus network, and will then move to a direct ISP feed, and need to install my own Firewall & protection.

To do that I have setup the router as a node on the local LAN and one test system under it – as a testbed trial.
(architecture layout attached - this is the "Testing" diagram.)
ggNet -MikroTik Layout.pdf
Using the QuckSet in WinBox,
• I gave it a static (since DHCP was not working) IP for the Wan link (E1) to match local network IP and mask, and DNS addresses
o Why is DHCP not working?
• Left it as router
• Turned off DHCP, left NAT on
• Plugged test system into E2.

I can ping out from the WinBox (router) to other machines on the LAN, but the machine on the subnet below it (E2) cannot – “Transmit failed, General Failure”

But DNS does not work, nor DHCP. The DNS addresses are the same as all other machines on the LAN.

Also therefore it cannot do Update.
(Sorry, some how img does not work in these posts?)
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Re: local test setup - DNS & DHCP fail

Mon Oct 11, 2021 9:11 pm

Once Quickset has been used for an initial configuration it shouldn't be used again, and especially not once other configuration changes are made.

You have the WAN / Internet gateway and LAN / Local Network IP address set to the same value, this will never work as the subnets on either side of any router have to be different. Once you have fixed that and enabled NAT (required unless the upstream network has an explicit route back) you should have some connectivity.

Generally screenshots are not that helpful as they do not display everything, for future reference use /export hide-sensitive in a terminal window and paste the configuration in code tags (the [] icon above the text box when posting).
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Re: local test setup - DNS & DHCP fail

Mon Oct 11, 2021 11:43 pm

The router bascilly works out of the box, hook up your pc to ether2, your ether1 to the ISp modem and your off and running.
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