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Improving IPSec S2S VPN Stability/Speed

Tue Oct 26, 2021 6:21 pm


I have a head office and 2 branches, all using IPSec site to site VPN going from an individual branch to the head office. On the head office site we have a Windows Server running some software, so the endpoints in the branches can use their software. Now some issue came up recently, which gives an error on the software that there is no connection to the server. Running a ping test from a branch system to the server IP directly shows 0 drops with decent speed 20-30ms. However, if I try to transfer a 50MB .rar file from the branch to a shared drive on the server in HO (as a test), the windows explorer will transfer as much as it can, before giving an error that there is a problem accessing the \\IP\Folder "Make sure that you're connected to the network and try again."

Trying again is like another attempt, it will sit for a bit and either error out again or it will transfer more data and then stop with the same issue. Rinse and repeat. All this is happening whilst ping -t is running and showing no drops (a very very small chance for a 3000ms spike on 1 ping). Transferring a 52KB file causes no problems. 200kb file no problems, but a 6MB file shows the issue at a rate of 50% of the time (either error or slowdown, after slowdown it completes the transfer). So it's either file size related or just something happening in the connection at those times.

Is there anything in the way I set up the IPSec tunnel that is maybe preventing large amounts of data from being transferred? Or maybe it is misconfigured somehow? How can I narrow down and find the problem? Is it simply a bad connection speed? Branch reports 75Mbps down and 10 Mbps up and Head Office reports 90Mbps down and 1Mbps up via I got 951G-2HnD on all sites. I tried updating firmware to 6.49 Stable but still the same issue persists (previous was 6.83 Stable)

Please let me know thanks.

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