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OSPF load balancing broken in v7.1.1

Fri Jan 21, 2022 12:08 am

We have quite a few paths we load balance by using the same ospf cost on both links. This has worked without any issues in RouterOS v6.x.x.
We are now starting to roll out RouterOS v7.1.1 on CCR2004 routers, but it seems that ospf load balancing doesn't seem to work in RouterOS v7.1.1.
After upgrading to v7.1.1, I've reconfigured ospf and triple checked to make sure the ospf cost and priority is equal between the 2 routers/links, yet traffic seems to only flow through one link.

...also, I've tried v7.2rc1 but that completely broke my ospf and I had to go back to v7.1.1.

Has anyone got this to work on v7.1.1?

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