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backup 2011 to rs5009?

Thu Jan 20, 2022 11:37 am

Hi Everyone,

I have plans to switch from a 2011 router to a RS5009 router, because with my config I don't get anymore the performance what I get from my provider.

I want to switchover to a RS5009, but would be very nice, if I can use the backup config of the 2011.
Is that possible??


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Re: backup 2011 to rs5009?

Thu Jan 20, 2022 1:49 pm

You make an export of the current config in plain text and remake the config step by step on the new device, based on the old export.
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Re: backup 2011 to rs5009?

Thu Jan 20, 2022 2:24 pm

As Znevena noted there is no automated way to switch the config over.
One should know what they are doing.......

I would advise that you enter the default setup of the 5009 and take one port off the bridge and
then do all your configs from this port to avoid getting locked out while making the changes and of course heavy use of Safe mode.

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Re: backup 2011 to rs5009?

Thu Jan 20, 2022 6:58 pm

export -> edit -> import
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Re: backup 2011 to rs5009?

Fri Jan 21, 2022 12:58 am

I did something similar recently. Not too bad (and I was going from 6.x to 7.x at the same time, changing numbers of ports etc.), though there were a few things that needed fixing up. Export compact will avoid a lot of cruft and just give you what you have changed - much easier to review/edit.

I had a first cut at editing the export file to ready it for the new router, then executed it automatically (rather than step by step) from a clean configuration with

/system/reset-configuration run-after-reset=<export file>

Then look in the log to work out to see where the import has stopped, experiment interactively, and tweak script as necessary, repeat until it runs clean. I did have to reset physically a couple of times when I screwed up, so may not be a good approach if you're remote or if you need to minimise downtime. As suggested up the thread, I ensured that one port wasn't bridged in the config and connected via that.

Enabling the following early in the config script

/tool mac-server mac-winbox
set allowed-interface-list=<something suitable>

Can save a lot of time by enabling you to admin the router even if TCP/IP is not functional, as long as you're on the same (V)LAN.

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