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Guaranteed bandwidth for high-priority traffic

Mon Jan 24, 2022 12:12 pm

Good day

First of all, I would like to mention that I have already read the Mikrotik Wiki, multiple configuration examples and read a lot of forum topics about QoS with configurations similar to what I want to achieve.

My setup looks like this:
- Mikrotik wAP (model RBwAPG-5HacT2HnD) with RouterOS 6.45.9 is connected via its single LAN port to a Linux desktop. Mikrotik works in "ap bridge" mode. It is also set to the 2.4GHz B so that I can limit the physically available bandwidth to ~6Mbit/s. All interfaces are bridged.
- A Linux Laptop is connected to the 2.4GHz channel of Mikrotik

Situation: I have ~6Mbit/s as my channel capacity. High-priority traffic generates 1Mbit/s, medium priority generates 1Mbit/s and the rest is flooded with iperf3. Without Queue Trees

My goal: High-priority traffic (classification by destination port number. TCP is used) must always be prioritized over the rest of the traffic. This traffic should get the lowest possible delay.

I am transferring data over wifi, so the parameters such as max-limit can not be reliably defined. I also use WMM (WiFi Multimedia) to give the high-prio data more chances for transmission on Layer 2 by setting the packet-priority from the highest 3 TOS bits (DSCP).

So my question: is it possible to implement something like the PRIO qdisc from Linux's tc in the mikrotik with available queues? I need to not allow lower-priority traffic to be sent if high priority traffic exists and the available bandwidth becomes very low (say, 1.5Mbit/s) due to low signal strength. High-priority packets should always be sent as soon as possible

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