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DHCPv6 searching problem (but it works on win)

Sun Jan 23, 2022 11:30 pm


I am trying to get IPv6 connectivity to my Mikrotik hAP ac router, running v6.49.2. I connected it to the provider's livebox (I don't plan to replace it completely with the mikrotik yet).
Nothing happens (just "searching...") when I ask for a prefix in webfig > IPv6 > DHCP Client. I tried to change "prefix" to "address", played around with other options, but nothing changes.
On the other hand, when I connect my laptop running win10 directly to the livebox, it obtains IPv6 address successfully ( works then).

Could anyone please hint what to do or where to look to solve the weird problem.
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Re: DHCPv6 searching problem (but it works on win)

Tue Jan 25, 2022 5:40 am

It looks like livebox uses SLAAC (autoconfiguration). RouterOS can use it too to get address, it's done using accept-router-advertisements option in /ipv6 settings. But there are two problems:

- Current implementation is weird, router will get address, but you won't see it anywhere in UI.
- You will get only single address. So it's fine e.g. if you have router as AP and want to give it IPv6 address for management access. But it's absolutely useless if you have router as router and want to have IPv6 for devices behind it.
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