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Geneve support? (Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation)

Tue Jan 25, 2022 11:13 am

Generic Network Virtualization Encapsulation ... apsulation
Geneve is L2 (+L3) tunneling protocol which gets widely deployed by cloud providers recently.
It replaces GRE/GRETAP , VXLAN and similar tunnels while supporting IPv4 and IPv6 both in encapsulation and as a carrier.
This achieves similar goals as EoIP, but it does not need 3rd party software to build tunnel between Mikrotik router and Linux server.
Also it can be used to tunnel L2 traffic through wireguard network which is natively L3-only.

Support in linux kernel seems to be in place for longer time than wireguard is there.
Bringing it up on Linux is as simple as this:

ip link add gnv0 type geneve id 1234 remote
ip link set gnv0 up

I wonder if there is going to be support in RouterOS 7 as this is likely already supported by kernel used in ROS.

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