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toLower problem

Tue Jan 25, 2022 1:57 pm

I used: ... -Scripting
/import flash/MTM/Facts.rsc;
:global MtmFacts;
:local strTool [($MtmFacts->"execute") nsStr="getTools()->getStrings()"];

/ip arp print where $dynamic=true and !complete and [($strTool->"toLower") $interface] =[($strTool->"toLower") "PublicDMZ"]; #perfect
/ip dhcp-server lease print where host-name ~"NurseSmurf.server"; #perfect
/ip dhcp-server lease print where [($strTool->"toLower") host-name] ~[($strTool->"toLower") "NurseSmurf.server"]; #is null

why not return the last query result ...
I guess it's not the Tool's fault but I can't figure out what the problem may be.

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