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Multiple ISPs with Multiple IPSec Tunnels to Cloud VPN Server

Thu Jan 27, 2022 9:38 am

Dear All Member,

I would like to ask for a solution to my situation. Here is the scenario.
I'm from Myanmar and as a result of military coup, Internet is severely banned in our country. Facebook is not working, Twitter is not working, etc.....
So, we need to use VPN in almost every situation.
Here is the thing, according to the diagram PDF attached, I have 5 WAN Links, namely ISP 1 (PPPoE), ISP 2 (PPPoE), DIA 1 (Static), DIA 2 (Static), Telenor (Static).
I have over 300 customers behind my FTTH Network with subnet
In order to surf Internet freely for my customers, I want to make multiple IPSec VPN tunnels to "Contabo" VPS Cloud where I host my VPN server. Five ISPs so, 5 Tunnels. Yes?

My goal is to have traffic from all FTTH customers coming to my CCR with Source IP to be routed through those 5 VPN Tunnels instead of normal ISP network so that they can use Facebook, Twitter, etc..... the whole Internet openly and freely.

My question is, how can I combine the 5 Tunnels into one big pipe? Or may be load-balance with some kind of rules such as ECMP, PCC, etc.....?
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Re: Multiple ISPs with Multiple IPSec Tunnels to Cloud VPN Server

Thu Jan 27, 2022 1:45 pm

Please check your Skype.
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