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sxt 5 ac ptp - ping spikes + timeout on perfect link

Fri Jan 28, 2022 10:08 pm

i was getting some complaints from family that internet "lags" randomly but often. thought it was the 4g connection and didn't really care.
after getting fiber and testing on my pc where i had no such problems , i continued to test till i found the culprit - it's the ptp link between us.
i'm running a 40mhz ac link , 200m, perfect signal.
sxt client: sxtsq 5ac (sxtsqG-5acd), ros 6.44.6 long term
sxt ap: sxt 5ac lite (sxt5HacD2nr2) ros 6.48.5 long term
i dont' see any oscillation of the signal (-57/-57), 400/400mbit sync rate. pure bridge mode. 802.11ac protocol.

freq is clear, i have just another wifi link 40mhz upper than me.
is this a ros issue?
on the screenshot, i was pinging from ap to client.
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Re: sxt 5 ac ptp - ping spikes + timeout on perfect link

Sat Jan 29, 2022 1:56 pm

Diagnosing this will require many questions and answers. It can be so many different things ...... (I have 18 such links on 1 site .... :-) )

Just some ideas:
- this is wifi RF. Any other RF signal in the 5 GHz spectrum can disturb this. The high antenna gain in SXTsq and SXTsa5 is strongly amplifying any remote transmitter signal.
- check RF environment. Not only with "SCAN", but also with "Snooper" and "Freq Usage" for both devices. (SXTSA5 has a wider angle than SXTsq)
- what is the CCQ in the registration table? Ratio "frames/hw frames" ? CCQ should be >95% with LOS
- never tested ROS 6.48 for this. Can you downgrade to ROS 6.47.9 on the SXT SA5 ? (just based on these tests, not sure if relevant: viewtopic.php?t=182565#p908363)
- I moved to Wireless protocol "nv2" for a more stable connection with higher CCQ. (Set SXTsq on "nv2 nstreme 802.11", set secrets, and switch protocol with SXT SA5). UDP Data rate 260Mbps on 400Mbps interface rate. ROS versions 6.45.6.

Just for your info: PtP can be done with 2 SXTsq (bridge<->station bridge). Smaller interference angle, lower cost.

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