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CRS305-1G-4S+IN drops link on MGMT/BOOT interface after a couple of hours

Tue Mar 01, 2022 1:10 am

Running SwOS 2.13
MGMT/BOOT interface connected to rpi4, with a couple of vlans on it == rpi4 will get "Link disconnected" in dmesg after 12ish, 6ish, 4ish hours, randomly, then come back up after a few seconds.
Does not matter what flow control i set
If instead i connect it to one of the SFP+ ports using a SFP to 1g ethernet rj45 converter using the same VLAN settings, it does not drop and lasts forever, but I kinda need those ports for optical/10g links instead.
i had this rpi4 connected to a TP-LINK cheap managed switch with same vlans before i got the CSRS305, and it never dropped either

What's going on here, why is the inbuilt rj45 dropping the link ? It's connected via a 25cm cable to the rpi4, which I've even replaced with another in case it was the culprit, but nope.

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