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Mesh Network - Difficulting passing traffic

Thu Sep 29, 2022 12:48 am

I have set up a Mesh Network using 3 RB922UAGS-5HPacD routerboards.

Two of the routerboards are set up as ap bridge and the third is supposed to be a roaming station with a laptop connected to it.

Created Mesh1 interface and attached ether1 and wlan1 to the Mesh1 interface. The one AP connected to the internet through the ether1 port has Mesh Portal selected under HWMP settings, the 2nd AP that is not connected by the ether1 port does not have mesh portal selected.
Assigned the IP Address to the Mesh1 interfaces on all 3 radios.
wlan1 settings - both are ap bridge mode, 20MHz wide channels, 802.11 wireless protocol, frequency set to 5810. WDS is set to dynamic mesh, and the Mesh1 interface is selected.

Both access points connect to each other with no issues.

Third radio is set up exactly the same, with the exception of the mode. It will connect to either of the ap bridges depending on location and signal strength. So that part seems to work.

When I connect a laptop to the station radio it will not connect to the internet if I have the Station set to:
station wds
station bridge
station psudobridge

The only way I can get a laptop to connect to the internet through the station is to set the station to "bridge" mode. It then connects with both ap bridge radios at the same time. Not sure if this is a problem.

All radios, default gateway on the internet router, and laptop are on the same 192.168.0.x network.

Is this normal to have to set the station to bridge mode rather than a station bridge or station psudobridge like the documentation says?

I hope to scale this up to 5 ap bridge radios and 18 roaming stations with computers connected to the station radios. Does anyone have any experience with this. Will using the bridge mode on all the stations be a problem?

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