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Advise: CCR1009-1S-PC

Wed Jan 20, 2016 10:50 am


This is my first post after a few months reading the forum.

I am planning to buy (whenever it becomes available in Europe) a CCR1009-1S-PC to use at home (yes, I know it might be overkill, but it will be usefull for testing configurations before implementing them in production at my work place).

My concerns about CCR1009-XX model:

1. Unfortunately our ISP is using PPPoE over VLAN at 500Mbps and 1000Mbps coming later this year. As I read on some old threads here, RouterOS is not really using all cores for PPPoE client, with 100% load in just one core and thus limiting the WAN-LAN/LAN-WAN throughput. It would be great if anyone with a CCR1009 (any flavour) could confirm this and maybe give me a rough number of what I can expect with this configuration.

2. Currently, we have configured two VPN servers (IPSEC/L2TP and AES-256) (x86 RouterOS) where our other two branch offices connect. How much can I espect in this configuration with CCR1009? I believe it has hardware encryption acceleration...

3. I have read reports of units failing promptly on one or more ethernet ports for no reason. Is it fixed?

I hope it will be available very soon!

Btw, any time guess?

Thank you all.


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