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Mon Feb 22, 2016 12:54 pm

Dear Frds,

i have CCR router i have configured eth1 as WAN and eth2 as LAN

the wan ip of Router is 103.239.XXX.XX.

i have a public ip pool of /25 (103.239.XXX.130 to 103.239.XXX.254) for SNAT

i have added multiple /27 private ip pools on eth(LAN)

1st_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
2nd_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
3rd_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
4th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
5th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
6th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
7th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
8th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
9th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
10th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
11th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
12th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
13th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->
14th_32_IP_pool Gateway -> Network/Cidr ->

could u people suggest how to set SNAT ip pool to private ip pools. the scenario should be such that any public from SNAT pool could be NAT to any private pool ip by its own.

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Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:40 pm

Just for clarification...

Are you talking about allowing private IPs to go out of your network or are you talking about having random IPs on the internet come into your network?

Further, if you are talking about Public IPs coming into your network, can you clarify what you mean by "any public from SNAT pool could be NAT to any private pool ip by its own."

It reads like you want someone connecting to your network to be able to decide which device they connect to behind your router?

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