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RB951G-2HnD connection to wAP RB-2nD - wlan1 and vAP Bridging

Tue Apr 19, 2016 7:13 am

Hi folks! May I have your inputs on my current scenario:

I have a gateway router (RB-951G-2HnD) which has the following functions:
- Gateway router for 1 ISP
- Gateway router of 2 LAN subnets (1) Hotspot [vAP] and (2) wired and wlan1
- Hotspot w/ User Manager

All are working fine. :)

Then recently got the wAP RB-2nD. I'm trying to connection this on my 951G to broadcast the SSIDs of my wlan1 and vAP with the following conditions:
- GW and DHCP service will still be the 951G.
- wAP will just act as an wireless signal extender for better coverage.

I tried to create vlans on both devices and member this on a bridge interface on each as well. but still failed to obtain IP Address when connecting on both SSIDs when trying to assign a vlan ID on the wlan1 and vAP.

May I ask how to properly set-up this?

Thank you.

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