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Feature request: Add LTE modem support ZTE 832FT

Mon Oct 17, 2016 11:07 am

vid: 19d2
pid: 1405
idstring: ZTE WCDMA Technologies MSM

This is a new modem without serial interface. All control is via the Web API. Similiar Web API is also used in ZTE MF825 modems (МТС 830FT).
The modem responds with JSON results of the command.
The network does not start automatically - modem runs as a network card with ip but without the Internet. It has to start with curl from a computer connected to the router.

Known commands:

Start networking:
Select cellular standart:
Full status info:
{"signalbar":"2","wan_csq":"15","network_type":"HSPA+","network_provider":"MTS RUS","ppp_status":"ppp_connected","modem_main_state":"modem_init_complete","rmcc":"250","rmnc":"01","domain_stat":"CS_PS","cell_id":"00000000","lac_code":"0000","rssi":"","rscp":"","lte_rssi":"","lte_rsrq":"","lte_rsrp":"","lte_snr":"","ecio":"","sms_received_flag":"0","sts_received_flag":"0","simcard_roam":"Home","cbm_r":""}
Selected status information, for example:
IMEI info:
"Fetch" in router can not be used to start the network and send other commands to modem because "fetch" does not support the setup of http header.

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