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The Best way to limit traffic

Tue Dec 20, 2016 8:12 am


We have internet connection with two uplink/two interface, first uplink to local country(50Mbps) and second one to international(50Mbps). What the best way to limit/prioritize some source traffic to some bandwidth. If i set a 1 rule simple queue to 10Mbps, it doesnt define wheres that traffic go, local or international. I already try this simple queue, but doesnt catch the Source-A, but it catch other
1.Parent-A => Target_Interface_Local => Limit 50 => Priority 8
2.Source-A=> Parent-A => Source( => Limit 30Mbps => Priority 1
3.Other=> Parent-A => Source( => Limit 50Mbps => Priority 8
4.Parent-B => Target_Interface_International => Limit 50 => Priority 8
5.Source-A=> Parent-A => Source( => Limit 30Mbps => Priority 1
6.Other=> Parent-A => Source( => Limit 50Mbps => Priority 8

Thx, any answer apricated.
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Re: The Best way to limit traffic

Thu Dec 22, 2016 11:33 am

Try using "Queue Tree" + Packet Marking via Mangle Rules.

In Queue Tree you can specify packet marks. To mark the packets, go to IP > Firewall > Mangle. In there you can set criteria based on src-ip, dst-ip, in/out-interface, etc. Action = "Mark Packet".
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Re: The Best way to limit traffic

Fri Dec 23, 2016 11:05 am

I take it one is local internet exchange and the other is upstream?

Do you want to limit total bandwidth of a client regardless of destination? If so, simple queue with target address and bandwidth will do.

If your intention is to use the local exchange more, then are you getting routes from them via ebgp? If you are, increase local preference of those received routes. But remember that your local exchange won't have what is available on the internet.
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