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Connected Trial Hotspot Users

Sat Jan 14, 2017 3:27 pm

Hello All,

I am doing some testing. So i created a hotspot with trial user login and the clients are now connecting to the router and using internet.

What I want is, I want to know how many trial users have connected in the last 24 hours and how many of them have reached the total bytes limit. I want this kind of report on daily basis. Any way to achieve this ?

I am using Hap-lite and following are my user settings.
/ip hotspot
name="hotspot1" interface=wlan1 address-pool=hs-pool-5 profile=hsprof1 
     idle-timeout=5m keepalive-timeout=none login-timeout=none 
     addresses-per-mac=1 proxy-status="running" 
/ip hotspot profile 
     name="hsprof1" hotspot-address= dns-name="" html-directory=hotspot 
     html-directory-override="" rate-limit="" http-proxy= 
     smtp-server= login-by=http-chap,trial,mac-cookie 
     split-user-domain=no trial-uptime-limit=2h trial-uptime-reset=1d 
     trial-user-profile=default use-radius=no
/ip hotspot user
 ;;; counters and limits for trial users
     name="default-trial" uptime=0s bytes-in=0 bytes-out=0 packets-in=0 packets-out=0 

 1   name="trial" profile=default uptime=0s bytes-in=0 bytes-out=0 packets-in=0 packets-out=0 

 2   ;;; counters and limits for trial users
     server=hotspot1 name="default-trial" profile=default limit-bytes-total=41000000 uptime=1w2d14h48m21s bytes-in=751820130 bytes-out=4066149996 packets-in=4007216 
/ip hotspot user profile
name="default" idle-timeout=none keepalive-timeout=2m status-autorefresh=1m shared-users=unlimited add-mac-cookie=yes mac-cookie-timeout=1d rate-limit="512k/512k" 
     address-list="" transparent-proxy=no 

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