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Feature request - Ask options

Sat May 13, 2017 6:07 pm

Dear Mikrotik team,

Please review a possibility to add more options to Ask. We should be able to select one of the following:
├─ Ask once
├─ Ask permanent
└─ Ask for specific time (1m/1h/1d/custom)

If device is Asked once it should be Unacked after it get up.
If device is Asked permanent is should remain in this state until it will not be Unacked manually.
If device is asked for specific time it should be Unacked after specified period of time.

Also, it will be usefully to see all Asked devices to no forget about them and their state.

Ask should be applicable to the Up device too. This may help us to prevent unwanted notifications, when device is go under maintenance.

Thank you!

Feature request list for Dude v6
sorry for my english

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