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LTE issues with rb912/sierra PCI

Wed Aug 16, 2017 6:13 pm

Hello everyone

I have a big issue here. I have a hotspot system on several rb912 with Sierra LTE PCI. Thing is, when power goes down (that happens a lot here in Africa) when the RB restarts it doesn't restart the LTE interface. The only way to do it (kind of) is to do a proper reboot. And we can't go to each client and do a proper reboot every time that power goes out. Before anything, yes we tried a script that reads if the LTE is idle and restarts the interface if not, every 5 minutes, and it doesn't help. Hands on, restarting the interface also doesn't work. Hands on, it only works if you reboot the whole RB, and even then there where times that we had to reboot 3/4/5 times until the interface was running. There are two questions:
1 (for the Mikrotik staff): are you ever going to look into this? Because, I looked in the forums, and the solutions I got were from users, and this problem is reported over 5 years ago, and no action has been taken. We, Mikrotik clients, are not using RouterOS as freeware, we pay for your equipment (heavily) because it's reliable, and we would like to have pressing problems with your OS addressed.
2: (for the forum) While Mikrotik staff takes it time addressing the issue, do you have an alternative for us? Because rebooting the entire RB over and over if the LTE interface is not working is a bit damaging for business, and until now, we don't actually have an option....

Thank you all



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