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Hotspot page not loading

Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:33 pm

RB1100 v6.37.2

Hi all, I have setup a simple hotspot setup using the hotspot setup wizard in the Router OS. However, when a connect to that hotspot network (wireless or wired) the default login page doesn't load.

the static DNS entry is there referencing the hotspot gateway IP address
HTML pages are default Mikrotik

No other Firewall rules/Nat have been added

The devices that connect obtain the correct IP address and DNS details etc.

I have to manually type into the browser the ip address for the login page to load.

How can this be automated?

I have this same setup on 7 other RB1100 with older versions of RouterOS and works perfectly. I have copied the settings but doesn't seem to work. Can someone help explain in detail the firewall rules that force load the Hotspot login page?


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