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Multi WAN load balancing

Mon Oct 02, 2017 8:28 pm

Hi All,

I have seen lots of post and hell lot of documents available on web for PCC load balancing. But all these documents dont have the one click deployment solution. I mean its great to learn something new but sometimes GUI with one click solution is better for a production environment.

I have seen Mikrotik team has done a tremendous job in developing the ROS. But still, as I believe and I am sure there are lots like me believes that this WAN load balancing is still missing from ROS.

@Normis - I have used Tplink TL-R470T+ for the same purpose. So simple and easy. If they can do it I think its not very big deal for Mikrotik team. It supports PPPoE, DHCP, Static. Just configure the WAN and with three clicks you have load balancing.

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