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5.8 antenna works on 5.2

Mon Jan 08, 2007 1:10 pm

hi guys
I've purchased couple of 5.8 antennas, and I had not so many links working on 5 Ghz before.
however I just set 5210 and turbo, the signal strenght is -60 and it works fine at 40mb udp and 30mb tcp

but when I set at 5800 it drop to 20mb udp and 12mb tcp,

why is that so? is it bad antenna?

these are 29dB Pacific wireless grid antennas.


PS: I've noticed that pacific wireless use a very bad color and the my 2 year antenna is now 70% rusty and in very bad shape, had to through it away.
the new batch of 2.4 Parabolic that I received from supplier was missing couple of brackets in packaging (obviously from factory) and funnier part is that the holes on angle bracket does not match grid body and I had to manually dril myself some holes to make it work.

any other solution for antennas?

I have used Hyperlinktech antennas and they looked very good at least in these parameters. but I dont have analyzer to see whats the actual performance in SWR and stuff like that. can anyone comment please?
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Mon Jan 08, 2007 3:40 pm

Check the feed horn, I'll lay bets its rated for ~5.3.
Antennae will work outside of the rated frequency range, however, the further you get out from the rated range, the more DBs are lost due to attenuation.
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Wed Jan 10, 2007 4:04 am

you can use 2.4ghz antennas for 5ghz operation over short distance :D
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Wed Jan 10, 2007 4:18 am

Yes I have on occasion come accross 802.11a APs when war driving with my 2.4Ghz - 9dBi Magnetic mount omni on my car.

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Wed Jan 10, 2007 3:48 pm

The problem you are seeing on specific channels could be due to interference. Check your CCQ values on that channel to see if they are different from other channels.
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Fri Jan 12, 2007 1:19 pm

I agree with you, and just think that any antenna can recieve any signal but the questions is how good this signal is realy is...!!!
To get maximum signal you want, take the right antenna for it.
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Wed Jan 24, 2007 10:48 am

Well, hello.
Actually I got also that problem, the only solution was using different WAP

I have two point-to-point links for redundancy and everyone see other.

Switch Cisco 1 | Antenna AP A----> Antenna Station A | Switch Cisco 2
Switch Cisco 1 | Antenna AP B----> Antenna Station B | Switch Cisco 2


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