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Correct steps to downgrade RouterOS?

Tue Apr 24, 2018 3:46 pm

The wikipage documentation on downgrade is incomplete or outdated. The few forum posts here do not lay out the exact steps to perform a downgrade. I think the procedure is as follows. Can anyone confirm it before I try it? I'm trying to go from 6.42.1 back to 6.41.3 on a RBSXT5nDr2 because after upgrading today I'm having some issues (Winbox access from the internal LAN side) and need to determine if it is the firmware.

•Upload routeros-mipsbe-6.41.3.npk
•Upload all the .npk packages from the file (is this required???)
•Use the system/packages downgrade command from CLI or from Winbox ???

Or do I simply use system/packages downgrade and it will roll back to the last version?

Also, if I can't connect via WinBox, can I FTP in and just place the files in the root level?
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Re: Correct steps to downgrade RouterOS?  [SOLVED]

Wed Apr 25, 2018 6:53 am

Step by step

Back up your settings.
 system backup save dont-encrypt=no
export file=BkpScript
In Winbox - Files
Copy the 2 backup files to your computer.

Save at root level
Upload routeros-mipsbe-6.41.3.npk
/system package downgrade; 
/system reboot;
Reboot, yes? [y/N]: 
See if this video helps you
I try to help !

Leonardo Vieira

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