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No supported channel

Sat May 12, 2018 5:36 am


I'v got two HAP ACs. First is CAPSMAN and CAP. Second is CAP. On the first one appears error "No supported channel" on the 5Hgz interface. On the second everythiing works properly. 2Mgz interfaces join CAPSMAN on all devices. I tried to move CAPSMAN to enother third router and reset first one - no result, error remains.

Here are my configs:
# may/12/2018 07:33:25 by RouterOS 6.41.2
# software id = XMQC-CPDQ
# model = RouterBOARD 962UiGS-5HacT2HnT
# serial number = 6F120718AA9A
/caps-man channel
add band=2ghz-g/n name=channel-2mhz
add band=5ghz-a/n/ac control-channel-width=20mhz frequency=5260 name=channel-5mhz
/caps-man security
add authentication-types=wpa2-psk encryption=aes-ccm group-encryption=tkip name=security1_full_access passphrase=P@ssw0rd_aah
/caps-man configuration
add channel.extension-channel=disabled country=russia datapath=datapath1_full_access distance=indoors hw-retries=4 mode=ap name=cfg1_full_access_2mhz rates.basic=24Mbps,36Mbps,48Mbps,54Mbps"" \
    rates.supported=24Mbps,36Mbps,48Mbps,54Mbps rx-chains=0,1,2 ssid=aah tx-chains=0,1,2
add channel=channel-5mhz datapath=datapath1_full_access name=cfg2_full_access_5mhz security=security1_full_access
/caps-man datapath
add bridge=bridge1_local_network name=datapath1_full_access
/caps-man interface
add configuration=cfg1_full_access_2mhz disabled=no mac-address=E4:8D:8C:D0:2E:1D master-interface=none name=aah_bedroom-1 radio-mac=E4:8D:8C:D0:2E:1D
add configuration=cfg1_full_access_2mhz disabled=no l2mtu=1600 mac-address=64:D1:54:92:2B:94 master-interface=none name=aah_coridor_capsman-1 radio-mac=64:D1:54:92:2B:94
add configuration=cfg1_full_access_2mhz disabled=no mac-address=64:D1:54:92:2B:93 master-interface=none name=aah_coridor_capsman-2 radio-mac=64:D1:54:92:2B:93
add configuration=cfg1_full_access_2mhz disabled=no l2mtu=1600 mac-address=64:D1:54:DF:61:D5 master-interface=none name=aah_parking-1 radio-mac=64:D1:54:DF:61:D5
/caps-man manager
set enabled=yes
/caps-man provisioning
add action=create-dynamic-enabled hw-supported-modes=gn master-configuration=cfg1_full_access_2mhz name-format=identity
add action=create-dynamic-enabled hw-supported-modes=ac,an master-configuration=cfg2_full_access_5mhz name-format=identity
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Re: No supported channel

Sat May 12, 2018 2:53 pm

Please check whether the country of both APs is the same.

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Re: No supported channel

Fri Jun 15, 2018 6:11 am

I'm getting the same problem only on 5Ghz, and I have confirmed that both APs have the same country set.

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