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5 ways to wear high-heeled shoes that don't drop heels 'STANDARD AS MODEL'

Thu May 17, 2018 6:35 am

Almost any girl also has her high-heeled shoes, because it makes her more beautiful and flexible. However, some women have suffered from falling heels. Most of the time, the reason the shoe slips off when moving is that the shoe is a bit wider than the foot, so what is the way to wear a high heel without dropping the heel? Dr. Milan will share shortly.

Use shoe insoles

This is the most common way to wear high heels without falling heels that you can apply. A stock silicone insole glued to the heel will help cover gaps while they're wearing shoes that are wider than their foot size.

Moreover, this shoe liner will bring a smoother feeling when moving or wearing high heels all day for women. The benefit of using shoe insoles is that it makes you feel no pain in your heels. However, sometimes for some girls, this pad will cause inconvenience when the legs are sweaty.

Wearing socks is an effective way of wearing high heels that don't drop heels off

Although this is a fairly simple way, to prevent slipping of the heel when wearing shoes, the quickest and simplest measure is still wearing socks. Currently, there are many types of thin, lace socks designed for women just to serve the prevention of falling high heels.

Besides, when wearing socks before wearing shoes, it also helps women keep shoes clear and do not hurt their feet when wearing. For heels that are only slightly wider than their foot size, this method can be applied because leather socks, in addition to helping them fit more shoes, also work very well in dehumidifying and Increase the aesthetics of her legs if her legs are not white!

Use cotton balls

You can use some cotton or maybe a soft tissue and stuff it inside the toe of your shoe. By doing so, making sure her shoes will fit right away. Although this method is quite rough and simple, many people think about it when it comes to heel drop. To ensure their health, they should not use this method for a long time, because if applied for a long time, it can bring a sense of urgency to their feet.

Make fake foam insoles

If she could not find an instrument available to remedy this situation by making a foam imitation pad herself. However, this method is unsightly for her shoes because this fake pad will not be trimmed neatly. To be able to create this fake pad, you can use cut a thin sponge with a size roughly equal to the actual pads and then insert the cut sponge into the inside of the heel of the shoe.

Use bandage

In addition to the simple ways to wear high heels that do not drop heels above, you can use a band-aid for shoes that only experience a slight drop. With personal tape, in addition to helping girls prevent the high heels from slipping, the personal tape is also very useful for girls who have a scratched heel when wearing too-tight high heels.

In addition to the above methods, the women also have many measures to overcome this drop of heels. However, with only 5 ways to wear high heels to avoid falling heels above, you can freely apply to ensure your feet can walk comfortably with a pair of high heels that is slightly wider than your foot size.

However, you should also choose for yourself high heels that fit and carefully to be confident with your shoes. A matching high-heeled shoe will help you become more attractive and arrogant.

Hopefully, with the above sharing of Workwearmag on how to wear high heels without falling heels, the women have got the tips that are essential to be able to improve the couple's condition. Her wide heels and overcoming unexpected situations when she is forced to wear heels that are wider than her feet. Hope you guys have useful information and good tips for your high heels.

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Re: Nat Not Working !!!

Thu May 17, 2018 9:16 pm

Try logging in mangle/postrouting or in raw table.

ROS writes to the log when the packet has an original IP address. The change will take place in one of the last chain before leaving the kernel.

Look at packet flow diagram (mikrotik wiki will help)

ROS is linux. If in linux NAT not working, half of Internet go to hell :-)
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Re: Nat Not Working !!!

Fri May 18, 2018 11:05 am

Look at packet flow diagram (mikrotik wiki will help)
One more point which is not clear from the diagram: only the initial packet of each connection (which in case of TCP is the SYN packet) is handled by the rules in the nat table; if one of those rules matches and the action is masquerade, src-nat, or dst-nat, the corresponding NAT handling is activated for that connection in the connection tracking module, so the subsequent packets are NATed (in both directions as needed) but do not pass the nat table any more.
Instead of writing novels, post /export hide-sensitive. Use find&replace in your favourite text editor to systematically replace all occurrences of each public IP address potentially identifying you by a distinctive pattern such as my.public.ip.1.

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