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Client authentication, where? And how?

Fri May 18, 2018 1:49 pm

I am wondering what is the general use of authentication of clients on a WISP or FISP (fixed line) Network. What are operators usually using, and where?

We ever started with simple dhcp server and assigned an IP to the client antenna.
Then we moved to use a more centralized system with the use of a PPPoE concentrator/server (with User Manager as radius) and the PPPeE client residing in the CPE.

I know many cable and adsl operators in EU use PPPoE in the clients device at home. the wifi router or modem (old days!)
According the suggestion of some hardware vendors in Russia and other east European countries other forms are used as well.
Then we have operators using vlans to separate different kind of services from others.

I am just wondering what is common, what are the pro's and con's and why are some systems used by some where others choose to specifically do it different...
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Re: Client authentication, where? And how?

Fri May 18, 2018 5:23 pm

The fact is that large providers have historically been able to provide services via the PPPoE protocol and vendors that sold them hardware should support it. In fact: vendors got money, providers don't need to change something in their network. Over time, it has not become worse, and cold patches can improve it, if something went wrong. But in general, you can connect your subs as you want :) I work for a large Internet provider and I can only say one thing: the simpler the design, the more stable services you can provide to customers. And technical support can handle it better.

In the old days, PPPoE was used to terminate the subscriber traffic through the phone line! :) It worked much better than coaxial cable with constant signal loss.

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