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Many virtual machines on one host - do not see each other

Tue Oct 09, 2018 3:49 pm


Here is my setup.
I have a two physical machines A and B that runs kvm (qemu) on linux. On that machines i have a set of virtual machines

On the router (mikrotik g750) i have a gateway set on - this is used for all virtual machines to reach the internet.

A1 uses macvtap0 interface of host A
A2 uses macvtap1 interface of host A
B1 uses macvtap0 inteface of host B

All virtual hosts have access to internet,
A1-> B1 works (the same in opposite direction)
A2 ->B1 as above
A1-> (gateway set up on router) works
A2 -> works
B1 -> works

A1->A2, A2->A1 NOT WORKS ...

This is related to mode used by kvm for macvtap - VEPA, and should be resolved by hairpin on router. But... how to do that? Maybe someone here could point me into right direction?
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Re: Many virtual machines on one host - do not see each other

Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:58 pm


Dont have kvm knowledge, but i can definitely say that communication between hosts on the same subnet does not involve routing (and router).

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