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Script failover by interface working causing navigation error

Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:11 pm

Hello, we have an extended LAN over 6 locations all of them connected by fiber with an MPLS network with wireless redundancy.

The main location is serving the LAN and giving access to the WAN to all of the locations through a ZIXEL USG, we have installed a CRS-24 in between as an interconnection switch, it is setted up only as bridge switch dividing the ports into groups for example.

Ports 1-8 = bridge WAN (ports in case that I need for connecting WAN devices directly X.X.X.X/29 since I have 5 public IP addresses available)
Port 1=WAN ISP
Port 2=Zixel Wan port

Ports 9-16 = bridge LAN (interconnection to data port MPLS bridge)
Port 9 = Untagged to MPLS DATA port (this port has connectivity to all the 6 sites through fiber and we use it for LAN interconnection)
Port 10 = LAN served from Hp core switch dhcp

Port 17-24 = bridge VoIP LAN (interconnection to data VoIP MPLS bridge physically separated from LAN to route VoIP traffic only through this interface)
Port 17 = tagged VoIP data to MPLS port
Port 18 = tagged to PBX LAN port
Port 24 = tagged to VoIP dedicated LAN Switches
Port 19 = wireless redundancy to 1 port MPLS, LAN untagged and VoIP tagged

In the remote sites I have crs326-24 ports switches in switch mode
Port 2 = DATA LAN MPLS untagged
Port 9 = DATA VoIP LAN MPLS tagged VoIP vlan
Port 23 = wireless redundancy to MPLS sepparated network with interconnection to Port 19 on main branch, LAN untagged and VoIP tagged.
(THIS IS TURNED OFF BY DEFAULT WITH A SCRIPT RUNNING A FAILOVER PING THAT WHEN IT LOST AT LEAST FOUR CONSECUTIVE PACKAGES TURNS OFF THE LAN AND VOIP INTERFACES AND TURNS ON THE WIRELESS REDUNDANCY INTERFACE, after 15 minutes makes a retry to the LAN interface and if it is successful will turn off the wireless redundancy interface and turns back on the LAN and VoIP interfaces)

Everything is working OK! Navigation perfect, communication perfect, the script works if I test it, but when I connect the main branch redundancy on port 19 to the wireless link all the mobile phones lost navigation to internet, ping from and to branches are responding ok but for a couple of seconds when the script is making the activation and deactivation of the ports.

I know that it is a little complex to understand the explanation below so if someone have any question don’t hesitate to ask, the main problem is the mobile phones connected through WiFi lost connectivity to internet. Everything else is still working ok, maybe someone have an idea about what can be happening.

Thank you in advance, I will appreciate any help or suggestion, even if it is just an idea.

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