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Groove 52hpn incorrect initialization: Out of order?

Sat Nov 10, 2018 4:16 pm

I have used a Groove52hpn for 2 years to connect my internet provider.
One month ago suddenly i lost connection and I lost access to the device via Winbox on ethernet.
I try to reset but the initalization was incorrect: only first beep but not the second double-bip.

Internet provider tell me that Groove was out of order and I bought a new Groove52hpn.
I upgrade at 6.42 using a file that they send me ( routeros-mipsbe-6.42.9.npk )
But using this version, their configuration script doesn't work and so they suggest me to downgrade at 6.39.3 that is lastest version tested for their script.
I try few time to dowgrade but maybe I try to do this with incorrect files (i'm not expert of routerOS, Mikrotik, )
So I decided to downgrade at orignale version v5.26 but after reboot, this time, Groove doesn't make correct initialization: first beep and nothing else.
Before trying to downgrade, I delete all file from file manager into the router and I copy only files including in ""
What did I do wrong?
What can I do?

Thanks for your help!

Marby from Italy

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