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Nstreme and fairness

Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:27 pm

Is there a plan to implement some kind of fairness on the AP side, to avoid excessive packet loss? I mention Nstreme because other protocols (802.11, nv2) almost don't work here (too much interference), Nstreme works to some degree but still causes a few percent of packet loss during peak hours (with the currently recommended only-hardware-queue).
The APs pass mostly bridged PPPoE traffic from separate routers running as PPPoE servers to customers, so any kinds of queues based on layer 3 (IP addresses) are useless for me. Destination layer 2 (MAC) addresses (unique to each customer - PPPoE client) is what should be used as the key to choose one of the many sub-queues in something like SFQ algorithm. Basically I want the packet loss (unavoidable if the queue is too full) to mostly affect the most bandwidth-hungry customers (to slow them down), not all equally.
MikroTik: is this something that is being worked on? Or is this already possible but I don't know the magic commands?

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