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VLAN Funkiness

Wed Feb 13, 2019 5:55 pm

Hello all!

Sorry for a redundant sounding thread but I can't seem to glean what I need from the myriad discussions out there. I've got an RB3011 with 6.43 and a trunk (a.k.a. 802.1q port according to other discussions) on ether1 and WAN on ether5. I've got a 16 port smart switch and an 8 port smart switch trunked from the 16 port. I wish to have an access port to one VLAN on ether2 and another VLAN on ether3 and when bridging, cannot communicate with anything/no DHCP. Another issue is that while I can connect to access ports on the 16 port and communicate fully, access ports on the 8 port can only communicate with devices on access ports on the 16 port, not the internet. I am learning my way around the CLI and if posting exports can help, let me know. I have verified the switch configs umpteen times but can show those as well. TIA for any ideas to check!
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Re: VLAN Funkiness

Thu Feb 14, 2019 1:59 pm

/export hide-sensitive file=yourconfig

We cannot necessarily figure out the managed switches until we know the router setup.
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