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CAPsMAN - next generation

Mon Feb 18, 2019 8:52 pm

My config uses a CCR 1016-12G, 3 CRS125-24G switches, and 15 APs, consisting of RB951G-2HnD and hAP ac devices. After a few years of configuring this mixture of APs individually, I finally got CAPsMAn figured out, and now I provision them this way. I've done a bit of refining, such as adding access rules dropping devices with signal strength < 80 dB, but nothing else. I've noticed when there's a power failure and all the APs come up at the same time, many choose the same wirless channel. In addition, adjusting antenna gain to adjust power must be done manually, individually, at the device.

It has dawned on me that each AP is a fairly powerful Linux box, and my CCR is a very powerful linux computer. An upgraded, much smarter version of CAPSMAN could perform active network management such as provisioning the APs individually to avoid overlapping channels where possible, adjusting antenna gain automatically, load balancing of wireless clients, seamless roaming for wireless clients, and probably many more things I can't even think of.

Note: I am no RouterOS expert, and know less than most of the folks on this forum.

Is this nuts? Is this just a pipe dream for me? Would people be willing to PAY for this software?

Comments welcome!



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